Ercolano, The smaller version of Pompeii

Our next destination, Ercolano. There are various ways to get from Pompeii to Ercolano. We took a local train from Pompeii Santuario station to Ercolano Scavi station. If you are traveling with heavy luggage, it pays to know that there is a flight of steps to bring your luggage from the train station to the street level.

Getting to Ercoloano from Pompeii: Local train no. 4 from Pompeii Santuario station to Ercolano Scavi Station. Duration: Approximately 30mins towards Naples. Visit https://www.eavsrl.it/web/ for Train Timetable.

Ercolano is a town in the City of Naples which lies at the western foot of Mount Vesuvius. This city was once a renowned playground for some of the richest Roman citizens during the summer vacations.