Termini ~ Roma

Vatican City

Easter Mass at Vatican City has always been on our agenda whenever we travel within the European countries. Easter masses are celebrated on Sunday morning and attended by masses of pilgrims, visitors and residents.

I do not enjoy being around huge crowds. However, this mass is so special that it turns annoyance to peace. This is in fact my second time attending Easter Mass at Vatican City. Yet, we are again caught in the crowd hoping to catch a better glimpse of the altar. I know this is an odd thing that they have enlarged screens on each side broadcasting all that is happening at the altar. Like many faithful, everyone prefers catching sight of the Pope with our own eyes.

How to get there: REG or RV train from Roma Termini to Roma S. Pietro is EUR1,00. Where is it celebrated: Easter mass is celebrated in Saint Peter’s Square. Mass Time: 10:15hrs. Make arrangements to arrive at Saint Peter’s Square around 2 hours ahead. What to prepare and bring: Water, Hat, Smart casual attire (or layered), raincoat and Rosary (for pilgrims). Note: 1) This is a religious event and on religious grounds. Attire respectfully, 2) There will be security scan and 3) Be prepared to stand for entire mass (if no seats available). Tickets: The mass is free to attend. Some websites have been publishing that ticket is required and that free tickets must be reserved months ahead. Note: Ticket is not necessarily required. I have attended mass twice without ticket. However, if you are intending to be the Pope’s General audience. Refer to Papal Audience website for more information.

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