Easter at Vatican

Catching the right Train and going the right direction

Studying the train routes is important but learning which direction to walk when you get there is just as important. Imagine getting to your destination and not sure which way to walk and thus, being late or missing the entire event. That would be very devastating.

This was almost like us at Easter when we had to travel by train from Aurelia to Vatican. Google map says that the nearest train station to Vatican is S. Pietro. All seem so easy until we got to Aurelia station, we were not sure which direction to board the train. Firstly, there was lack of English signage.

Good thing it was Easter. There was a group of Catholic brothers making their way to the station and appear that they might be going to the Vatican for the Easter mass. We decided to “play follow the leader”. Followed them board the train and also followed them alight at S. Pietro.

We did not know which way to walk when we got there. We decided to keep up our pace and ensure that the group of brothers do not get out of our sight. And true as it can be,