Roma Termini

Family on the move

Here we go again. We are on the move again.

Getting ready for our Holy Land tour, we needed to ensure that we get to the airport in less fuss. We booked an apartment in Quartiere San Lorenzo. Our first time in that neighbourhood and it is all an adventure.

Quartiere San Lorenzo has a huge diversity of working class families and young people living there. This area is walking distance to the nearby university and also in order to get to Chinatown, use the underpass below the train tracks to cross over to Esquilino area.

Our apartment is consist of one big bedroom at the front, a dim and narrow kitchen and a common area divided by bookshelf for a bedroom to be on the other side. I love older buildings but only issue is their lifts. We got a penthouse apartment with a small lift that can only take a max of 2 person with a maximum of 2 luggage with little leg room to stand.