Holy Land Tour ~ Tel Aviv-Yafo

We had a great flight from Rome to Tel Aviv. After a restful night in Tel Aviv, we start of our Holy Land tour at daylight which covers various biblical sites in Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv (Yafo) was awarded the title ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times. Her architecture, her beautiful beaches, and the free and easy atmosphere explains it all.

Traveling down along Retsif Herbert Samuel Street, the sight of the blue ocean was so inviting but this is only the beginning of our Holy Land tour and the beach was definitely part of the itinerary.

How images in books so often influence our expectations of places. I was expecting to see people in robes, sandals and probably a shepherd’s headwear. I obviously forgot this is modern world Israel.

This collection covers Tel Aviv-Yafo and its surroundings. Jersualem will be covered in the next collection.