Holy Land Tour ~ Nazareth

Leaving Golan Heights behind, we traveled to the River Jordan Baptismal place to witness the renewal of the Christian faith.

River Jordan Baptism / Nazareth / Beit Shean

River Jordan Baptism

Our final stop, Jordan River Baptismal place, before we head west.

Yardenit (Hebrew: ירדנית‎) is a baptism site located along the River Jordan in northern Israel. According to Christian tradition, the baptism of Jesus took place in Qasr el Yahud, north of the Dead Sea and east of Jericho.

Qasr el Yahud was the most important baptism site for pilgrims. Due to military activity and excavations, Yardenit was established and recognised as an alternative pilgrimage site.

Yes, baptism are still carried out in these very waters.

If intending to renew baptismal vows here: Bring along your own towel and extra set of clothes. Advice your Travel Agent ahead and refer to https://www.yardenit.com/ for updates.