Holy Land Tour ~ Judaean Desert


Our first tour of the day – Masada National Park.

The National Park is home to the ancient fortress, Masada. Masada was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. The fortress is situated on top of an isolated rock plateau which is at the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert and overlooking the Dead Sea.

What you see today are remnants of a once-lavish palace-fortress with throne room, beautiful courtyards, bathhouses and swimming pool. Yes, bathhouse and swimming pool at the top of a rock plateau in the desert.

Observing how water passed through tunnels one part of the fortress to another to provide a “complete” living for the ancient occupants. Herod the Great and his team of planners must definitely be some genius.

Getting to the top: Hike – start an hour before sunrise to avoid noon heat. Note that Hiking paths are often closed during summer due to the heat. Alternatively, take a cable car – Masada cableway opens at 8am. For updates, visit https://en.parks.org.il/reserve-park/masada-national-park/