Holy Land Tour ~ Wadi Rum

The first time I heard that I was going to Wadi Rum, I had no idea what it meant. All I knew was that I was dying from heat in Jordan and had no intention to be in the sun. However, the ride through Wadi Rum was an experience I never had before.

Wadi Rum known as the Valley of the Moon is a valley cut into sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan stretching through an area of 720sq km with 1,750m elevation.

Way to experience Wadi Rum? Get an experienced driver at the Visitor Center who knows his way around and will not hesitate to drive onto the sand. I must compliment our driver. He is experienced and patient to allow us take photos while on the slopes.

Tip: If you are intending to climb in the back of the ute, keep away all your accessories that can easily fall off. Sunnies, drinking water, camera and sunblock lotion or long-sleeves shirt to protect from the sun.