Holy Land Tour ~ Istanbul

An overnight flight from Izmir to Istanbul with only this thought on my mind – “Please please.. the next hotel please be better than the one in Kusadasi… I really need a more liveable space to bunk-in while on this tour”.

Much needed of a liveable and comfortable accommodation, my prayers answered – our stay at Crowne Plaza Istanbul in the Old City was one of the best I had for this entire Holy Land Tour. Thanks to your guide and travel agent, we were compensated with an upgrade of our room.

Most people relate Crowne Plaza hotels to be posh, extravagant and extremely sophisticated. Crowne Plaza in the Old City provided a touch of nostalgia and yet sophisticated without overdoing it. The location of the hotel was ideal and within walking distance to the tram stops and rows of shops – of course, confectionery shops. It was like browsing in a stationery shop without knowing what to purchase.

Koska is popular among the locals as a famous Turkish confectionery shop. There is no exaggeration in this – Gaze through the glass window from the outside beautiful and all I see were mouth-watering confectioneries which most of which I have never tried before. Did I purchase any? Nope, I was not expecting to see this famous confectionery within the neighbourhood and I had only a camera with me. There is no way I am trading my camera when I am only into the first weeks of my travel.