Holy Land Tours

A Wrap-up

It has come for our Holy Land Tour to end. We have traveled three countries – Israel, Jordan and Turkey. My first time to each of these countries I hear about as a young kid. As an adult traveling through them, I am able to ‘connect’ to these places I read in the Holy Bible and watched on Documentary.

My thoughts of the words “Holy Land” would refer to just all about pilgrimage prayers and masses. This tour included the places where Jesus journeyed through His life, where the apostles journeyed to spread the word of God to the world and where ancient civilization once lived.

The ancient worlds from our knowledge turned into modern day as we see today. How history has shaped life as it is today and continue to evolve through the passing of time for future generations. Mankind’s basic needs is food (including water), shelter and clothing without limiting essentials of the modern world such as education, sanitation and healthcare. The water scarcity in Jordan was one valuable lesson of how precious water is.

We flew from Istanbul to Athens by Turkish Airlines. I couldn’t possible fault a single thing about the hospitality of Turkish Airlines from boarding to alighting in Athens. I have never taken this airlines but would not hesitate to hop onto another Turkish Airlines in my future travels.