Greece – Athens


Finally back in Europe to continue our next lap of the journey. My first time to Greece and always in my mind Greece is all about Zeus, Apollo and the most popular topic, Olympics. I keep forgetting those were ancient legends and this is now modern Greece.

Our first accommodation was in an AirBnB apartment along Georgiou Gklisti. Our landlord, Dimitris, provided us all modes of transport to get to his place including himself offering to charge 30 Euros to pick us from the airport if he is available. The last choice is always the best as it is our first time and nothing would go wrong with our landlord picking us up. Sorry guys, I looked around for Dimitris and he is no longer renting his apartments for short stays.

This is my second trip to Europe and 3rd trip for my parents. Due to destinations being of different climates, we tend to be confused in our packing. When we have settled down at our apartment in Greece, we begin asking ourselves if we have overpacked even though we have cut down quite substantively since the previous trip. The first questions of all would be can we lift our own bags without the help of others – well, of course our answer was a “No” which led us to orchestrate what we will be doing next.

We went marketing at the nearest supermarket and asked for cardboard boxes, bought masking tape and markers. First night was all about packing what we do not need to be shipped back to Perth. I must say it was quite an experience – mum has hidden talent of making her own cardboard boxes even if we were not given full box with covers. Anything is cheaper than purchasing courier boxes from the post office and packing our belongings there.

Too busy to cook, the best place that captured my attention – Gyros and prices within 2Euros. Of course, it is excitement – 1. we still have a long journey, stretching my Euros would be the best way to enjoy our trip; 2. it looks too delicious and smell too good to give it a miss. Try one before you decide to buy extra. They are very filling. PS – Owner can speak English and will try his best to speak if he can’t do it fluently.

Tip: Store name: Οβελιστήριο “Η Βόνιτσα” – Location: llia lliou 91, Athina 117 44, Greece. Business hours: 10am to 12:30am – Click Here for online

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