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Greece – Kalambaka

Kalambaka was totally unheard of until this trip. During the planning stages of our trip, we were considering of traveling through Thessaloniki. However, we had a change of mind due to time constraints.

Train 884 a direct train from Athens (Larissa Station) to Kalambaka leaves at 8:27am and arriving at 1:18pm same day. From the train station, it costs us 5Euros by taxi to Guesthouse Plakias. Yes, the taxi ride is a must especially if it is your first time to Kalambaka, having luggage and also not accustomed to dragging bags up slopes.

Most Guesthouses here are cafes/restaurants in the front and walk through to the back to access rooms. Of course, a room with Meteora view might cost extra but it is definitely worth every cent. Two nights stay in one triple room for three adults with Continental breakfast included worked up to 130Euros in total. An extremely spacious room with on-suite bathroom and two balconies with the view of the Meteora.

I must credit the owners of this establishment. We informed them that we had to leave early on the day of our departure. Their kitchen would not be opened yet for us to have breakfast. The owner had his staff prepared each of us a bag of breakfast neatly packed with 2 fruits each.