Greece – Santorini

Our flight by RyanAir from Athens to Santorini departed at 7am. We had to be at the airport before the crack of dawn in order to catch this flight. We tried our luck in taking a bus to the airport. It is a good thing that we prefer to be ready for the unexpected.

X95 Bus Terminal to Airport is located along Othonos opposite Syntagma Square. Don’t expect a basic terminal for a bus to pull in to pick up passengers within the building. Here in center of Athens, bus terminal mean a small ticket booth to purchase bus tickets. The trick here is do not take chances if you see it open. Just go purchase your tickets without delay. On the day of our actual departure, the ticket booth was closed. In addition, there was no indication anywhere showing where is the bus stop. It is by assumption that since the ticket booth is there, the bus will be pulling up within that vicinity.

Website: Visit Athens Airport Bus for updated information

Ryan Air may not be an international carrier. Like Turkish Airlines, I found it hard to fault their punctuality and hospitality. A very brief flight but the stewards and stewardesses scored ace in hospitality.

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