Greece – Free & Easy Santorini

Free and Easy Exploring Santorini

Having hours to spare before our flight back to Athens. The last thing anyone need on their last hours on an island is getting lost and missing our flight as a result.

American Express card slogan “American Express Card, don’t leave home without it”. My personal slogan for Ulmon CityMaps2Go Offline Maps for Travel and Outdoors “Ulmon, don’t leave home without it”. Of course, any traveler is free to download whatever form of maps they are most comfortable with. I have been using Ulmon quite a fair bit and it works well for me on both Apple and Android device.

Love this GPS app as I do not need to have access to net to access the maps. It was one of the best way to negotiate the alleys of Fira. All I need to do is point the device and I will know which direction I am heading. Awesome.

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