France ~ Paris 12hours

The flight from Athens to Paris departed on time. We took the airport bus from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Gare Montparnasse to meet our Host who will be leading us to his apartment we will be staying for the night. It took us more than an hour to finally locate our Host – a big mistake, we all forgot to ask how we could identify one another.

Incident at Montparnasse: We arrived on time as we stood with our luggage looked around for just a young man. We only knew him by his name. We were told to meet him at Gare Montparnasse but there were no specifics as in whether to meet inside the building, outside by the entrance or up the escalator. A young man paced up and down with a file in his hand and was looking around. We started feeling uncomfortable as we held our luggage closer and were on our guard. My mother kept taking the escalator up into Gare Montparnasse but returned uncertain. After almost an hour, the young man approached us only to realize that we were the ones he was to meet.

Image taken from Google.