Traveling by bus to Avila through Salamanca from Fatima and caught sight of a huge cathedral from afar and sightings of people with trekking sticks. Simply cannot deny that the Cathedral stands rather tall and majestic.

Avila is home to the patron Saint Teresa. If you love medieval castle-like walls, the Historic Old Town of Avila is a place for you. Avila has the best preserved medieval walls in Europe and registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Most accommodations are situated either within the Historic walls or within walking distance to the walls. Wait till night fall and you will love this place to see how Avila comes to life.

Getting there: Alsa Autobus or FLix Autobuses – These buses drop-off passengers at the Estacion de autobuses de Avila. Renfe trains to Estación de tren Avila. Buses to the Historic Old Town do not pick passengers within the Estacion de autobuses complex. Exit the complex and walk in the direction of the City center. Take Avanza autobuses 1. The bus stop located within 2mins walk from the Autobus station – https://www.avanzabus.com/ or taxi. For updates please consult the official sites of each of the transit services.

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