Segovia is best known for its iconic Roman ancient aqueduct. The colossal aqueduct, has more than 160 arches, stood above Plaza Azoguejo in the heart of the city. It felt like waking up in the world of giants when walking through the arches to the inner city. It is amazing when the ancient Romans without the use of technology were able to build such a gigantic structure which stood since the first century AD to channel water.

Iglesia de San Martin is a medieval church founded in the 12th century. Parts of the church were added over hundreds of years and in different styles. Did we managed to explore the interior of the church? No, we waited for the doors of this church to open but it never did. We gave up and tried our luck with the Cathedral of Segovia. Not much that I can elaborate about this church except that the wait almost brought me to melt in the sun.

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