A for Adventure & Assisi

After a 3-years break from our last trip to Assisi, we returned this time for a longer and much more adventurous stay.

Where is Assisi? Assisi is a hill town in central Italy’s Umbria region, the Province of Perugia. Assisi was the home of several saints including St Francis of Assisi. Catholics around the world go on a pilgrimage to Assisi for a quiet time to reflect on the life of St Francis of evangelical zeal, consecration to poverty, charity and personal charism which drew thousands of followers.

My favorite way to Assisi is by train. Assisi station is situated in Santa Maria degli Angeli, a small village town, approximately 6km to Piazza of Assisi. Don’t be fooled by the height of the hill and spend on taxi. There are local buses available and they are extremely tourist-friendly.

We ditched taxi for buses and ditched hotels for a well-equipped apartment. We bought our tickets from the tobacco store and boarded the bus for Assisi.

The apartment, located at the top floor of an ancient building is located along Via S. Rufino. The upper floors of most buildings is only accessible by stairs. The climb is muscle-building when lunging the luggage and backpack at the same time over each flight of steps trying hard not to ruin the marble.

Like the Irish folklore speaks “a pot of gold hidden by leprechauns at the rainbow’s end”. Trust me when I say the view was worth the effort and the apartment was spacious and lovely.

Getting there: Arrive by Train at Assisi station. Upon entering the station building, turn right to La Bella Stazione. La Bella Stazione is a cafe within the Station building. Approach the counter and purchase Local bus tickets from this store for a bus ride to the center of Assisi with a validity of whole day. If you are staying in Assisi hilltop, a booklet of tickets can be purchased ahead. Linea C will take you from the Stazione to Largo Properzio, 1min walk to the historic gate, Porta Nuova. For updates on bus services to various part of the hilltop Assisi, please access Umbria mobilita official site. Precaution when walking through the Gate as this is a one-way traffic road. Traffic goes in one direction – Vehicles enter through Porta Nuova to the City Center.