Daytrip – Mostar and Kravice Falls

This is one of the trips we purchased from Dubrovnik using the Dubrovnik Card. Yes, this trip took place after the Card has expired. However, it was booked at the activation of the Card and therefore, considered eligible for the discount.

Morning pickup is as early as 7:00hrs by the Polce gate entrance.

Neum is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s only access to the Adriatic Sea. The town is situated along 20km of coastline with several tourist hotels. The town is 60km from Dubrovnik and 70km from Mostar.

Here’s the interesting bit. The route we took required crossing several borders. I must admit that I totally lost count the number of times we stopped at a border crossing for passport check. Thank goodness for our guide, we were not required to disembark and personally present our passports.

Kravice Falls is one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Herzegovinian region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The waterfall is approximately 25 meters high and separated into 20 falls with a lake below of 120 meters in radius below.

If you are intending to explore Kravice Falls and its surroundings on your own, note that there has been discrepancies in some map softwares and Google. Therefore, I would suggest checking out GPS or Trip Advisor for the GPS locations.

Parking: Chargeable per hour and type of vehicle*; Operating seasons: Peak season from May to October. (*Subject to changes – check out Kravica official site – Kravica – Oasis in Stone).

Warning: Steps from the parking area to the Falls may be slippery. Care should be taken.