Daytrip – Mostar and Kravice Falls

The city of Počitelj

Our next brief stop – the city of Počitelj. If it wasn’t for the weather, this stop would have been interesting. It was raining when we arrived at Kravice Falls and the rain persisted by the time we arrived here. Our guide, Gabriel, provided brief commentary on the historical mosque and fortress. However, also indicated that the staircase would be slippery given that it has been raining. Therefore, going up to the fortress would be at our own risk.

The city of Počitelj is a historical village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located approximately 30km to Mostar.

The Kula is a silo-shaped fort overlooking the village from the top of the hill. It is used to guard against possible intrusion from the Neretva valley.

The Hajji Alija mosque, built in 1563 and restored in 2002, still stands today.

Warning: Care should be taken when ascending the steps to the Mosque. The stairs are made of uneven stones and can be slippery if it rains.

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