Visiting Zagreb

Zagreb City

Zagreb City is approximately 16km from Velika Gorica. Traveling time between Zagreb City and Velika Gorica is 44mins by bus.

How to get there: Bus 268 is a circular route from Velika Gorica to Glavni Kolodvor. Tickets can be bought from the driver. Check your bus route at Zet website and try to have correct change.

Underpass at Zagreb City bus station

King Tomislav Square is a monument dedicated to Tomislav, Croatia’s first king, whose name dominates the square. The square is situated opposite the Zagreb Railway station. Travelers exiting the railway station have been confronted with one of the most beautiful views in Zagreb, which takes in the statue of King Tomislav, the Art Pavillion, the cathedral’s spires and the green slopes of Mount Medvednica in the distance. To be frank, I find the Art Pavillion eye-catching especially with the backdrop of the mountains. On a cool Spring day, walking this park is a brisk.

Dolac Market is Zagreb’s main open-air farmer’s market. The market is easily accessible on foot north from Zagreb ban Jelačić square. The place locals buy their food.

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday between 7:00 to 15:00 and Sunday between 7:00 to 13:00. Time to spend: a minimum of 1.5 hours to explore the market. Important Note: Be at the market more than half an hour before closure. They closed much earlier than the publicized closing time.

Cathedral of Zagreb is built in the year 113. The front of the cathedral faces the Column of the Virgin Mary with four Angels. Unless you are intending to thoroughly explore chapel to chapel within this historical beauty, it is suggested spending approximately an hour and half would be sufficient.

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays between 10:00hrs to 17:00hrs and Sundays 13:00hrs to 17:00hrs. Entrance Fees: Not applicable.

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