Visiting Zagreb

St. Mark’s Church (Crkva sv. Marka) is located in the old part of Zagreb called Gornji grad. From afar, the church looks amazing. A closer look, some of the statues by the door is broken. I read in some websites that the interior is beautiful. I am unable to comment much about my visit to this eye-catching landmark as the doors were never open during the entire time I waited outside.

Here is an odd thing about this area. There is none designated bus stop. Most people come up this way using the funicular from the streets below. Back to about the bus stop. I do not see markings on the roads to show where exactly the bus will pull up. In order to avoid being run over, I would suggest standing beside the lamp post to be safest.

Stone Gate is a medieval stone gate into town with a Virgin Mary shrine popular for prayer and candle lighting. It can be quite a challenge to use Google Street View to determine the location of the Stone Gate.

GPS Coordinates: 45.815841, 15.975239

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