Amazing Race Lisbon

Has anyone watched Amazing Race?

Our flight from Zagreb to Lisbon on AirFrance via Charles de Gaulle Airport(CDG) seems to be an enactment of one. I anticipate receiving comments such as “You should have checked it out” or “You should have asked”. Well, how about this – I did. Gotcha!

CDG may be the one of the largest and advanced airport in the world. However, I would confidently say that CDG would be the last place on earth to try connecting flights within brief timeframe unless there is no changes to the aircraft for your connecting flight or that you do not have any check-in luggage. This experience explains it all.

Flight Connections: I strongly do not encourage anyone from attempting to connect flights within 2 hours. Note that you may have to go from one departure hall to another, flights do not necessarily disembark passengers at the aerobridge of the airport building and if traveling with check-in luggage, it takes time to offload your luggage from one plane to load to another.

Upon arrival at Lisbon Airport, we realized that besides a priest, we were the only ones who made it to the connecting flight. Too soon for consolation, our luggage never turned up on the conveyor belt. More than an hour spent reporting loss luggage without any certainty of whether they were left behind in CDG or Zagreb or just mistakenly added with other baggage in Lisbon. This is not our first trip to Lisbon but definitely our first time losing our luggage.

To conclude the story of missing luggage and move on with this travel, we finally got our luggage returned after 24 hours after our arrival and 12 hours before our next departure.

Like most airports in the world, Lisbon Airport has a Baggage Storage facility. The area is open 24/7 at the far end of the arrival hall by Car Park P2. The charges are by per piece and per day. To store a baggage from 10 to 30kg, the cost works up to approximately EUR5.00.

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