Perpignan-Grenoble journey

There are various routes to travel from Carcassonne to Turin. Our choice -by train from Carcassonne to Gare de Perpignan by train followed by an overnight FLIX bus to Turin. To us, this is affordable and created a break in our journey from fatigue.

We booked a hotel at Appart’City Perpignan Centre Gare – Appart Hôtel before hopping onto an overnight FLIXBus which leaves at 23:55hrs to Turin via Grenoble.

Appart’City Perpignan Centre Gare – Appart Hôtel is located directly opposite Gare de Perpignan and bus port, Gare Routière Multimodale de Perpignan. This is an apartment hotel which each room is self-contained with a kitchen. The rooms are relatively spacious. An apartment for 3-4 persons is extremely spacious for that price.

Grenoble is a city which sits at the foot of mountains between the Drac and Isère rivers. The best way for me to relate Grenoble is the Spherical cable cars called “Les Bulles” (Bubbles).

We arrived in Grenoble at almost 03:30hrs. It was dark and to the surprise to all passengers, it was snowing heavily in Grenoble in early April. So much surprise to some who were disembarking that they were not prepared or well-attired for the erratic change. With Grenoble snowing, it is no longer surprising what our journey through Saint-Michel de-Maurienne would be like.

Saint-Michel de-Maurienne is a commune in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. Saint-Michel de-Maurienne is an important transportation hub between France and Italty as the town is situated not far from the border.