At Roma S. Pietro

We had a pleasant departure from our Lucca accommodation to the Lucca Stazione. I must compliment the LAM bus operators for their patience and understanding towards tourists.

A direct regional train from Lucca Stazione to Roma Termini takes approximately 3hours. At Roma Termini, it costs EUR1:00 for a regional train from Roma Termini to Roma S. Pietro. Easy. Only problem is arriving at Roma S. Pietro feeling tired from the long journey and with luggage.

About Elevators or Lifts: Ignore what Wikipedia says.. Ignore what Google says too.. Unless you are there to see and experience for yourself. I thought that I had this part covered and even took note where are the lifts and if there were flights of staircases to climb.

Underpass that links one platform to another at Roma S. Pietro. Yes, there is a signage which indicated there is a lift available for those who need it. The question here is if the lift is operation… That would be a million dollar question. From our arrival through till the end of our stay, the lifts have been out of order and had never been fixed.

Stamping your train pass: Being unable to locate one of this ticket stamping machine at your platform is an excuse for attempting to hitch a free ride. Train inspectors are not sympathetic and will deliberately chase you off the train until you get it stamped. Therefore, it is important that you stamp your ticket before boarding the train.

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