Ostia Antica Day trip

At Porta S. Paolo, train heading to Ostia Antica failed to arrive. Train hopping in progress till we arrive at Ostia Antica. More like a warm-up before the real workout ~ Ostia Antica.

It takes 7minutes on foot from Ostia Antica train stazione to the ticketing office at Ostia Antica.

Note: Crossing Via del Mare using an overhead bridge. There is no traffic lights nearby. After crossing the overhead bridge, the walk is

Ostia Antica is a large archaeological site close to the modern town of Ostia. The walk through Ostia Antica can take approximately up to 2-3hours.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30hrs to 18:15hrs. Fees: Chargeable on entry. Ostia Antica Visitor Centre in April 2019 charged EUR10:00 per adult.

Personal Experience at Ostia Antica

  • Entrance fees do not include any maps. You need to buy your own. Map and Audio are available but charged separately.
  • Lack of placecards with information about the Exhibits.
  • Bring own GPS with locations of each exhibit if not intending to buy a map.
  • Research online and place information on phone or iPad before commencing the trip.

Did I enjoy myself at Ostia Antica? No, after having been to Pompeii.

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