Easter at Vatican City

Happy Easter in Rome. Timelapse of the Vatican from Holy Saturday till Easter Sunday.

Annual Easter mass at the Vatican starts at 10:00hrs. A huge event for the Roman Catholic church and a large turnout. It is better being there early than to be having trouble even sighting the screen. This is my 2nd Easter in Vatican but guess each time we learn something different.

  • Security will be high – All bags will be scanned and it is mandatory to walk through a metal-detector. Best to be in the queue by 8:30hrs. It will be crowded and passing through security may be slow.
  • No tickets is required for attending Easter Mass at the Vatican.
  • Best to get a seat than standing through the mass as crowd will still flow in during mass.
  • Photography allowed before and after mass.
  • Be respectful and avoid taking photos during mass.
  • Be respectful and dress modestly.

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