Hello Again, Pompeii

Can’t seem to get enough of Pompeii Archeological site.

I must admit that I have some deep interests in this Archeological site that I intend to visit again to try cover all or majority of the exhibits. It is just unbelievable at the size of the site.

We decided to travel from Roma Termini to Salerno then Salerno to Pompeii by train. Why such a distance when Rome to Pompeii is like a straight line drawn? Simple reasons – we are more adventurous towards sight-seeing and less adventurous over train-hopping

All bellies think alike – When the sun is hottest or close to noon so does hunger and thirst. Queues will automatically be formed at the Cafe by the Forum – be it for an ice-cream or pizza like they are free of charge 😅

Queuing in the heat is not my ideal way of visiting a tourist location and if intending to maximise your spending minus luxury, I would suggest doing a BYO of snacks, fruits, easy-to-go food and water. Carrefour Supermarket is within a walking distance from the ruins. There is a wide range of snacks to choose from and prices are reasonable.

Opening Hours: 24hours daily except Public Holidays. Location: 1 Via Plinio, 80045 Pompeii. Visit Carrefour website for more updates – https://www.carrefour.it/punti-vendita/carrefour-market-pompei-ss-18-km-241-via-plinio-0072.html

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