“Buying Time” in Rimini

What can we do when you are neither early nor late, what’s next? Buy Time!

Following the check-out from our accommodation at Borgo Maggiore in the morning, we either hop back onto a cable car for a long walk to Montale (Terza Torre) with a possible risk of missing our trains back to Rome. Alternatively, we take an early bus to Rimini and explore the town at our own timing.

Rimini is an Italian city on the Adriatic coast. Rimini was a key communications link between north and south of the peninsula. The City has many ancient Roman and Renaissance monuments.

How about this? We are at the right place and at the right time! It was coincidental for us to be in Rimini early for our train ride back to Roma. And it was even more coincidental that it was a Saturday. Feeling dressy or wanting any accessories or bags, this is the right Street market to visit. If wanting to purchase food, there is always Mercato Coperto Rimini which opens Mondays to Saturdays between 07:00hrs to 19:45hrs.

The Street market stretches to Via Maurizio Brighenti, in front of the Catholic Church Santi Bartolomeo And Marino – S.Rita (Chiesa Cattolica dei Santi Bartolomeo e Marino – Santa Rita).

Location: Starts along Via Dante Alighieri not far from the Rotonda dellÁccoglienza roundabout. Opening: Saturdays and Thursdays from 07:00hrs to 13:00hrs. Tip: Best to arrive early as stores start packing up around 12:30hrs.

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