Traveling within Western Australia

Covid-19 sparked and shocked the world in December 2019 which the WA government decided to shut its international borders in early 2020. Followed by the State going through a lockdown like the rest of the world to isolate the virus and prevent further spreads.

Businesses were affected as a result of the extended shutdown, the tourism industry took to one of the hardest hit. The State later underwent stages to ease restrictions in order for the businesses to open again.

Though restrictions have now been eased, borders have not yet been lifted. Wander out Yonder in WA encourages West Australians to visit own “backyard” – Traveling within Western Australia.

Day trips and brief overnight stays within the WA state were the best ways satisfy the travel bug and click frenzy. Also good opportunities to see our own “backyard” and reconnect with our mental wellness.

Sculpture by Bathers

Sculpture by the Sea

Bindoon Windmill Farm

For more about Wander out Yonder in WA, please click on this link.

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