Sculpture by Bathers 2020

Sculpture by Bathers has slight similarities to Sculptures by the Sea. The sole difference is that this outdoor exhibit tell a story of Western Australian through sculptures.

This is a free open-air annual event which takes place at Bathers Beach at Fremantle, Western Australia. Bathers Beach, also known as Whalers Beach, is a coastline in Fremantle.

How to get there: 🚆 Take a Transperth train to Fremantle Station. Cross the road to the famous Market Street and take a right turn into High Street towards the Historic Roundhouse situated at the end of High Street. Turn left and follow the railway line towards Shipwreck Museum. Bathers Beach is situated alongside the Museum. If driving, there is a Parking area by the Museum. It is costly parking at Fremantle and get ready coins.

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