Sculpture by the Sea 2020

Sculpture by the Sea is an annual event which showcases large-scale sculptures by various artists. The events held in Sydney and Perth were considered as one of Australia’s largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition. Sculpture by the Sea in Perth was held at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia.

As over the past years, this event coincided with my usual international travels. I rarely have the opportunity to attend one. But this year, I managed to take advantage of the opportunity before the pandemic worsens.

I went for this event before the pandemic worsen. Therefore, social distancing was not placed in full force. Cafes were accepting patrons without limiting numbers.

How to get there: 🚆Public Transport – Bus 102 at the Entrance of Cottesloe Train station along Railway Street. Alight at the stop opposite Gelato Bar Cottesloe – Stop ID 19574. (Visit Transpert at for Trains and Bus Timetable). If driving from Perth CBD, use Stirling Hwy and turn right at Eric Street all the way to the end of the road, arriving at Marine Parade. Then turn left at Marine Parade for the Parking area facing the Beach. Note: Parking limited to 3hours. The Shire has parking inspectors checking on the timing vehicles park and can issue fines. 😢

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