Bindoon Windmill Farm

How do we spend our time there? Not sure about the many who are reading this. To me, silence is golden. Priceless being away from the hassles and bustles of the Metropolitan. Just sit back or go for a brief drive to enjoy the view of the hills during the day.

In the evening, Joan feeds the chickens before putting them back in their coop then heading up the hills across the other side of the property with Archer to feed the sheep. The view is amazing. The slopes up the hills was gentle and do not need to be an expert climber to do the walk.

Our hosts do not limit when we can roam head up the hills on the property. You can head up the hills at your convenience. However, the best time would be to enjoy the sunset.

Who is Archer? Archer is Joan’s and Milton’s happy dog. Watch Archer play and you will agree with me.

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