Bindoon Windmill Farm

What is Bindoon Windmill Farm by night? By night, dark and peaceful. Great place for Astrophotography.

Bindoon has been listed as one of the Astrophotography Hotspots on AstroTourism WA. For starters, of course the next question would be where to point the camera? Well, to help plan and find the direction, I would recommend the following mobile apps:

Basically, it is unnecessary to clog up the device with too many apps. Just load 2 to 3 devices and play with it till you find the best and easiest to use.

Milky Way season for Perth starts between April to October, which is mid autumn to mid spring During this time of the year, the centre or core of the Milky Way Galaxy can be spotted.

If intending to visit the Windmill Farm during other times of the year, I would suggest using the Stellarium to plan Star Trail shots.

The Bindoon Windmill farm is located in an ideal location where during the day, I feast my eyes on the beauty of the hills. By night fall, I enjoy the silence and darkness of the night. I would recommend this place for anyone who enjoys serenity, nature and awesome hosts.

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