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Medieval Dubrovnik
Transportation from Airport to Old Town

Dubrovnik Airport to Old Town is approximately 21km. A taxi from airport is EUR30 and Airport transfer to bus station in Dubrovnik is 40,00kn. There are no railways or metro between the Airport to the Old Town.

The Old Town

There can be more than 200 steps between Buze Gate to Stradun. Yes, there are many steps within Dubrovnik Old Town. Entrance to some apartments or accommodations are along the steps. The only steps climbed within Dubrovnik to have a handrail are those leading to St Ignatius church, at the entrances of Revelin Gate or Pile Gate.

If traveling with roll-on luggage, I would suggest contacting your host to find out exactly where is the accommodation. There are accommodations with the selling phrase “good sea view” or “close to the beach”. I would consider the steps to climb before I secure the accommodation. There are some accommodations beyond the Old Town. However, not all are on flat land.

Supermarkets / Grocery stores

Not all stores and supermarkets are open on a weekend or remain open by midday Sunday. Most supermarkets within the Old Town are small and offer a variety. Your options:

  • Zoro stores is the only grocery store which opens beyond midday Sunday.
  • Farmer’s market, also known as Old Town Market, opens from Monday to Saturday from 07:00hrs to 17:00hrs.
  • Konzum supermarket within the walls of the Old Town closes by 17:00hrs.
  • Pemo supermarket opens daily from 07:00hrs to 21:00hrs.
Dubrovnik Tourist Board

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board is situated outside the Pile Gate. If you need assistance to print vouchers or a wifi connection, you are better off at your hotel or seek help elsewhere that would assist to print. The Tourist Board only distributes Dubrovnik cards and sell tours.

Dubrovnik Wall

It takes approximately 2hrs to walk along the Walls. The Walls are not wheelchair or pram friendly. There are alternatives to experience walking along the Wall:

You can walk the entire Wall surrounding the Old Town and also have access

  • Pay an entrance fee of 200Hrk to walk the Wall and with access to Lovrijenac Fortress.
  • As part of a Dubrovnik tour.
  • Included Free with a purchase of a Dubrovnik Card.
Medieval Dubrovnik

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