Kravice Falls & Počitelj Tips

Daytrip experience Mostar & Kravice Falls
Kravice Falls

I would not suggest anyone driving to Kravice Falls if they are unfamiliar with the roads. The Falls is within a natural reserve and therefore, may require to drive beyond the gantry. Parking fee is chargeable per hour and type of vehicle (Kravica – Oasis in Stone). However, if your visit to the Falls is included in the tour, all these should have been factored within. Peak season opening is from May to October. Access to the waterway of the Falls is not wheelchair friendly or pramfriendly. Steps down from the parking area may be slippery on its way down. Therefore, care should be taken.


The historical village has sits on a slope up a hill. The steps up to the Hajji Alija mosque is wide but slippery without railings to hold. Locals tend to line the entrance from the parking area selling their local produce and pomegranate juice by the bottle. No parking fees chargeable. However, beyond the parking area of this historical village is not wheelchair or pramfriendly. Care should be taken.

Daytrip experience Mostar & Kravice Falls