Lisbon Tips

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Tips on connecting flights

It is not advisable to do a connecting flight within 2 hours. Note that you may have to go from one departure hall to another, flights do not necessarily disembark passengers at the aerobridge of the airport building and if traveling with check-in luggage, it takes time to offload your luggage from one plane to load to another.

Getting to Fatima from Lisbon

There is more than one bus company serving the route from Lisbon to Fatima. There is only one bus company servicing the route between Fatima and Estação do Oriente. The bus departs around 13:00hrs and on-route to return at 15:00hrs. Alternatively, catch a metro from Estação do Oriente to Jardim Zoológico. From Jardim Zoológico, cross the road to Terminal Rodoviário Sete Rios. The frequency of Rede Expresso bus traveling to and from Fatima is higher and seem to be well-spaced out.

Airport Luggage Storage

Like most airports in the world, Lisbon Airport has a Baggage Storage facility. The area is open 24/7 at the far end of the arrival hall by car park P2. The charges are by per piece and per day. To store a baggage from 10 to 30kg, the cost works up to approximately EUR5.00. 

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