About Me

Greetings! My name is Val. I currently reside in Western Australia. I enjoy traveling, photography and meeting people from different walks of life to share stories about travels, traveling tips and photography.

I travel once in every two years and whenever opportunity arises. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends.

To some friends, I might be considered as living their dream. To me, traveling is not just a dream but a passion and also educational.

Sharing my experiences and tips is like re-living the trip in my head. Most people would reply, “Yea, just create a travel blog.” Easier said than done. To really “pen down” all that I wanted to share was quite a challenge. I find myself moving forward and backwards into a topic which I have already published with dribs and drabs to share.

The best way to share about traveling also by showcasing photographs. I took most of these photographs. Therefore, I would like to ask for some kindness if anyone should use my photographs for anything, I would appreciate that you let me know as well as leave my signature on the photo.

For now, please bear with me and watch this space. Note that posts published may be re-edited for re-publishing. This is not about changing how the story goes. This is about remembering what I missed out as I dig through my stash of notes and share at my best ability.

Thank you for your patience and a huge welcome to my blog.