Vatican City Tips

My Easter at Vatican City
How to get there

Nearest train station to Vatican City is Roma S. Pietro. The cheapest way to get to Vatican from Termini is hop onto the Trenitalia train which will pass through Roma Tuscolana, Roma Ostiense and Roma Trastevere. The ride is EUR1,00.

Lifts at Roma S. Petro

Nearest train station to Vatican City is Roma S. Pietro. Some blogs or websites will indicate that there are lifts installed at this station. Yes, there are 2 lifts installed at this station. However, the lifts were NOT operational. Do consider if you are traveling to this station with big or heavy luggage. On the first day I arrived at S. Pietro, I asked the station staff if there is a lift and was told, “it is not working today”. However, during the entire of my stay, I have not yet one day managed to use the lift. The signage seem to be permanent. We had to carry our bags up the steps.

Grocery shopping

If you are staying nearby to Vatican city and prefer getting your groceries from Carrefour, I would strongly suggest that you are better walking slightly further to Carrefour Market than shopping at Supermercato Carrefour Express. You never know what crop up on your receipt when you do not recall picking it up or having that item in your bag. This is a personal experience and especially when traveling on a budget.

Easter Mass at Vatican City

The annual Easter Mass starts at 10:00hrs and will be held on the grounds of St. Peter’s Square. Security will be high. Bags will be scanned and you will be required to walk through a metal-detector.

I would suggest that you be at the grounds by 08:00hrs as the turnout each year is huge. Possessing a ticket or not no longer seem to matter. You are required to join in the queue to approach the barrier to be scanned. It is better to be early and get a seat than to be standing all through the mass. I would like to re-emphasize that it is a huge turnout and therefore, where you stand can sometimes be a shoulder-to-shoulder close to the next person.

My Easter at Vatican City