Bordeaux Tips

Bordeaux, the Surprise
Grocery Shopping

Marché des Capucins, situated with Capucins Victoire, is a farmers’ market. The market operating hours are Tuesday to Friday 06:00hrs to 13:00hrs, Saturday 05:30hrs to 14:30hrs and Sunday 05:30hrs to 14:30hrs.

Sight-seeing – Bacalan area

Cité du Vin museum is shaped like a shoe. Situated within the Bacalan area, is not only a wine museum but also a popular place to showcase exhibits, shows, film projections or educational seminars on the theme wine. If travelling on public transportation, the museum is accessible by tram(Line B) and boat. The museum opens on Mondays to Fridays from 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs and weekends from 10:00hrs to 19:00hrs. There is no charge to access only the ground level of the museum and store.

Les Vivres de l’Art

Les Vivres de l’Art is situated on 4 Rue Achard. Not much of a tourist place as we hardly see load of tourists around. However, this is one unique place where they exhibit art works both indoors and outdoors. Basically, not that we are really die-hard art lovers but when we see uniqueness in artworks, we tend to stop for a look. The artworks are not only unique but complex and the size of the pieces are amazing. I am not sure if it matters when most of the artworks are outdoor except those at the other far end. The opening hours from Monday to Saturday are 10:00hrs to 18:00hrs.

Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Cathedral is situated right in front of Hôtel de Ville tram stop and beside Tour Pey Berland. Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday at 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs and 15:00hrs to 19:30hrs, Sunday 09:30hrs to 13:00hrs and 15:00hrs to 19:30hrs and Monday at 15:00hrs to 19:30hrs. Attire respectfully. This is a place of worship and has poor lighting.

Bordeaux, the Surprise